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Are you ready to start focusing on your business instead of taking every sales deal to the finish line? 

Fractional sales leadership services is a great fit for tech startup founders whom have successfully found their product market fit and ready to scale to the next level.  When you’re ready to hire your first sales team but not ready for a full time sales manager, Amy Looper at Relativity Sells alleviates the burden of sales management activities for her founder clients.  

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Alleviate the Burden of Sales Management

Sales Coaching

Executive sales coaching is available for Founders who may want to level up their sales skills and ability to manage their sales reps for their own business.  Sales coaching is also available for sales reps that may be looking to improve their career performance, pivot to the tech industry.  Sales leadership is not micromanagement but rather positive coaching to higher performance.

Available – 8 hour minimum

Sales Foundation

This package is great if you’re looking for a quick sales program refresh or DIY program.  Offering includes: 

Initial Program Analysis

Sales Plan, Playbook Development

Identification of gaps to programs that may exist such as a sales playbook for your first sales hire, configuration of sales tools, sales process and forecasting methodology and overall sales plan addressing go to market strategy. Option to include competitive market research and analysis for sales enablement.

 2-Hour Sales Coaching Calls for 12 Weeks

    3 Month Engagement

     One-Time Investment

    Founder Sales Partnership

    This package is most appropriate if you’d like to retain a sales leadership partner for the next year.  Offering includes: 

    Initial Program Analysis*

    Sales Plan & Process Development

    Sales Enablement Creation

    Sales Rep Recruitment, Onboarding & Coaching

    2- Hour Sales Coaching calls for 52 weeks

      12 Month Engagement

      Monthly Subscription

      *Customer led sales is proven to increase win rates against the competition.  A Customer Journey Map Workshop may accompany initial program analysis if more visibility into customer experience is needed.

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      Metrics to Grow Your SAAS Based Business

      Download our FREE Guide: Metrics to Grow Your SAAS Based Business

      As a founding member of your startup you may be heads down proving product market fit and seeing success with client. Often when this starts, growth momentum often builds quickly.

      Before you start to rapidly scale, make sure your metrics are in check.

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