How To Add Confidence In Your Startup’s Sales Forecasting

November 9, 2020

 It was the night before Christmas when all through the house not a creature was stirring except for me, a frustrated new sales leader pouring through ambiguous sales forecasts. The first year of sales management in 2013 felt like Santa gave me the games of Chance, Yahtzee and Clue to forecast with. I was building a new region with 2 out of 6 reps hired and running with my pants on fire that year playing both rep and leader as we built the team. That is until I discovered a better way to trust opportunities in the pipeline through Completion Metric Forecasting. What’s the point of sales forecasting without accuracy anyway?

“Completion Metric Forecasting gave me freedom to trust the process and focus on enabling my sales reps to reach their highest levels of performance vs. task management.”

If you’re feeling the same roller coaster in your business that I was, watch this video to learn how I implemented  Completion Metric Forecasting within the Hubspot CRM. There is a tested, methodical approach that generates more consistent revenue vs. leaving the forecast to a chance percentage!




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