How To Write Great Content In 5 Easy Steps

July 21, 2020

how to write content

One of the consistent questions I receive from my clients is, “How do I reach new buyers without having a large sales team and marketing budget?”

Write Great Content!

Just like you, I felt intimidated to start writing content many years ago as I thought it would be time-consuming and take me away from my leadership role. What I discovered is that content is a sure-fire way to prove value and cut through the noise from the competition. You can start producing content today in 5 easy steps:

1. Use A Strong Headline

Make sure it consists of words that your audience is searching for so your content can be found. Tools like Co-schedule’s Headline Analyzer is helpful in scoring your headline’s strength.

2. Relate To Your Audience

Readers like companies who understand them. Use phrases like:

“I know how you feel”,

“Just like you, I have struggled with.”

3. Include Credibility/ Positioning Statements

The best way to cut through the noise from your competitor is to establish your position as a trusted advisor. Tell your story, use metrics, all-out a system that is unique to your business offering so that your readers clearly understand your value.

4. Distill Confidence Over Subject Matter

User active voice as much as possible to establish your authority on the topic. Give away 3-4 pieces of information for readers to take away. Help guide readers by stating things like “Stop Doing This”, or “Do This Instead”.

5. Write To Your Target Audience

Remember who your intended target audience is on the piece you are writing and ensure you are addressing their pain points.

Hope these tips help you start to create more content and drive value to your prospects. Content writing can be fun once you establish a consistent process as it will open up more dialogue with your prospects. If you’re struggling with solidifying your company’s growth strategy please reach out to Relativity Consulting for a free 30 minute consultation. We would be delighted to learn more about your business and goals and help point you in the right direction for marketing and sales growth.

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