How 2020 Was My Best Year Ever!

December 11, 2020

The year 2020…. Who’s tired of talking about the trials and tribulations of this year? I AM!

I’d like to thank 2020 for being perhaps one of the best years of my life. My heart needed this year to re-focus, open up again, and take a breath as a working parent so I put my bets on a big challenge, entrepreneurship. Life hit us all hard this year on so many levels but what if behind the curtain were gifts of stronger leadership, courage, freedom, joy, connectedness that we hadn’t felt in years after going through the motions of the “grind”.

Ryan Buckley, whom I have the great pleasure of interviewing next Wednesday at Skyrocket My Startup wrote The Parallel Entrepreneur in which he describes how you can successfully build a B2B business without capital and gain the control over your destiny that you may be seeking. Just the inspiration I needed this year to shift my mindset as a new entrepreneur. I knew this challenge would bring so much opportunity for growth in all areas of my life.

The Grind

Climbing the career ladder, having kids, losing close family members, learning to juggle personal and professional lives with small kids, etc. It’s exhausting! I reached a point in late 2019 where I didn’t have anymore steam to continue the work pattern I was in. My personal life was suffering from the constant running, schedule coordination with my spouse, constantly high fiving in the hallway, and not truly connecting and enjoying life. I knew I was facing what many of my former corporate colleagues had faced – the point where you choose door #1 or door #2. Do I choose to retain my family unit, take a moment to figure out the right balance, or do I continue down the same path? This would save the high-paying corporate sales income and the career ego but ultimately sacrifice the family unit in our personal scenario.

Superwoman powers, while I’d like to think they exist, I learned this year simply do not. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for women empowerment and encouraging women to flourish in their careers even with a family. I also encourage being true to your heart and giving yourself a moment to breathe, something a lot of us women don’t make room for.

Lessons From Above

My late father in law Jim Looper (Former IT leader at MCI/ Worldcomm) always said, “Amy, we are in the memory-making business”. Jim was completely right and I spent the first few years of my kid’s baby/ toddlerhood in the complete rat race of trying to keep up with it all. In 2020, I’ve been to more parks this year with my kids while juggling consulting work, more dates with my husband, and am proud to say successfully created the balance we were seeking while putting consulting income back into growing my business. The path wasn’t easy as I had to get out of my own way, spend a lot of time learning how to read my own heart, and put down the ego. There is no dollar figure you can put to that except the feeling of living in pure gratitude and freedom.

2020 The Best Year Of My Life!

I dedicate 2020 to being the most pivotal, positive year yet, shedding light on what is truly important. If you’re a working parent reading this that may be feeling completely burned out from juggling changing school schedules, work priorities, etc. I want you to know that in your heart you can find the peace you’ll looking for. Take the walk to unwind, take yourself to breakfast (Moms) to find a moment of peace and clarity without the little people asking for “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy”. We are all in this together!

Let’s continue to help one another out, connect with authenticity, and share experiences. If you’re contemplating starting a side hustle, your own business I’m happy to share some of my 1st-year lessons learned and recommend Ryan’s book, The Parallel Entrepreneur. Join us fireside next week at Skyrocket Your Startup. His insight into entrepreneurship as a side hustle while keeping your day job is invaluable.


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