Early-Stage Tech Sales Accelerator

helping tech founders grow predictable revenue with confidence & prepare for their first sales team

Six-Week Executive Sales Leadership Coaching For Founders

+ Sales Playbook Creation



Increase your confidence and resilience when selling to your ideal customer and leading your first sales team.  Money is easy to make, managing your mind when selling and managing sellers in a startup can be a challenge.  I teach you ways to maximize your mindset so you AVOID BURNOUT.

Value Messaging

Learn how to clearly articulate how your partnership with a client will impact their business with quantifiable value.  Leading with business outcomes vs. feature-benefit will result in FASTER PIPELINE GROWTH and attract LONG TERM CUSTOMERS!

Metrics & Sales Operations

Gain the revenue transparency your business deserves.  Build a repeatable sales process that enables your business to scale, forecast revenue to your investors with CONFIDENCE & ACCURACY.

Prepare To Hire

Learn how to interview and qualify the best sales candidate for your startup.  MINIMIZE POTENTIAL ATTRITION RATES when hiring the wrong sales rep, which can cost you well over $150k.

Sales Playbook

SCALE from founder-led sales, shorten new hire onboarding time and MAXIMIZE SALES PERFORMANCE by translating your founder-led sales knowledge to an effective onboarding tool.  

Learn more about our Customer Centric MVMP Sales Process 

Amy Looper,

Revenue Growth Specialist & Founder of Relativity Sells brings two decades worth of award-winning sales and sales leadership experience to technical founders in this program. Amy has been the #1 rep for over 4 companies including a Vista Equity holding and has led sales teams and go-to-market strategies across the globe. 

Amy will teach you how to hire the right sales rep, confidently grow a qualified pipeline for your business, set up your sales program to maximize transparency and sales effectiveness as you grow from founder-led sales to your first sales team.  She turns “selling” into impactful enrollment for your company, creating a positive customer experience.

This 6-week program is designed to accelerate your scalability as a founder, enable top performance from new sales hires, and minimize your risk when growing your first sales team.

What to Expect When You Enroll

Each week you’ll engage in a virtual 1-hr group coaching session with your tech founder peers led by Amy Looper.  At the end of the series, you’ll be prepared to hire your first sales team with a customized sales playbook designed to increase new hire efficiency and decrease onboarding time.  Take a look at our detailed weekly agenda below.

Note: Lifetime access to the program’s online sales course material will be available to all registrants.

Week ONE:

Get in the Growth Game—Sales Mindset is Everything!

Week 1: Get in the Growth Game—Sales Mindset is Everything!

Leading your sales team into the highest growth potential requires everyone on your team to operate with a strong sales mindset. We kick off our series with mindset as it is the most important core element of your sales program.  During this week we’ll cover:

  • How to leverage positive mindset vs. scarcity mindset to create an abundant pipeline for your business
  • Coach your sales team to success: coaching session blueprint
  • Confidently enroll your investors and employees into your founder vision

Week Two:

Generate Qualified Pipeline & Convert More Buyers

Week 2: Generate Qualified Pipeline & Convert More Buyers!

Avoid buyer inaction by improving the value behind your prospecting message, ask impactful questions during discovery calls to convert more opportunities to closed deals!

If buyers aren’t perceiving value from your message then you fall into the trap of buyer inaction.  We take a look at how to validate your messaging with your (SOM) service obtainable market, lead effective discovery calls and help you focus on generating qualified leads with the right customer that will see value in a partnership.  When value is realized, lead/demo/close rates are increased and (CAC) customer acquisition cost is reduced!

    Week Three:

    Prepare for you first Customer Centric Sales Team

    (Sales Operations & sales Performance metrics)

    Week 3: Prepare For Your First Customer Centric Sales Team (Sales Operations & Sales Performance Metrics)

    Being able to “Cross The Chasm” to high growth requires product-market fit and the scalability engine to meet customer demand.  As you continue to move toward your first sales hire and team you’ll want to ensure you have processes that provide transparency and encourage accountability to revenue performance.  

    During this phase, Amy Looper shares her two decades worth of experience in strategic software and technology sales leadership to help you formulate the right sales program for your tech startup.  This week we review: 

    • Completion Metric Forecasting Best Practices To Drive An Excellent Customer Experience 
    • Accountability Metrics -KPIs
    • How To Evaluate Customer/ Opportunity Alignment Using the MEDDIC Framework

    Week FOUR:

    Preparing To Hire Your First Sales Team

    Week 4: Prepare To Hire 

    Employee attrition can be detrimental to any startup.  Learn how to interview and qualify sales rep candidates for your business.  Avoid making a hiring mistake that could cost your business well over $150k.  During this week we review the following:

    • Sales Compensation Options For Your Startup
    • How To Minimize Attrition & Protect Your Sales Investment With The Right Hire
    • Sales Onboarding- Prep For The Customer Centric Sales Playbook (Week 5)


      Week five:

      Preparing For Your First Sales Team

      Week 5: Sales Playbook Development

      During this stage, I will work with you to design a sales playbook in Trainual for your organization to enable your team to close more deals, increase revenue, improve win rates and exceed sales goals.  A playbook helps you translate the founder-led sales success you’ve experienced when validating product-market fit to your first sales team.  This enablement tool will help educate your sellers on the following:

      Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), Sales Messaging Templates, Effective Discovery Questions, Voice Of The Customer Summary, Sales Operation Requirements (CRM, Sales Technology, etc.), Team Intros, Founder’s Story and more.

      Let’s face it, according to research completed by The Challenger Customer, over 57% of customers complete a purchase process before reaching out to a sales rep so your team must be ready to advise clients with clarity.

      Week six:

      Onboarding Readiness

      Week 6: Ready To Onboard

      This is the program’s final check in on your sales playbook development and cover open Q&A from the group to ensure your readiness to scale and onboard your new sales hire(s).

        We were able to make strategic product and service decisions.

        “When we needed clarity on our growing competition and market offerings we turned to Relativity Sells for sales enablement services.  By providing market research, we were able to make strategic product and service decisions confidently and our sales team was more prepared to go to market in highly competitive opportunities.”

        – Tom Visotsky, VP of Sales MedAllies

        Amy and her Sales Accelerator program were fantastic.

        Our company was needing to develop our go-to-market sales strategy before our product launch and we were able to do just that with the program. The Sales Playbook that Tego Cyber Inc. developed with Amy contains a wealth of knowledge about our company, vision, customers, and gives each of our sales team a realistic view of what can be expected during the sales process. I would highly recommend all founders and CEOs attend the Sales Accelerator program to better develop and understand the organization’s sales process.”

        – Shannon Wilkinson, CEO Tego Cybersecurity


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