Why I Started A Consulting Business During COVID-19:

August 27, 2020

the three r's

News headlines of COVID-19, rioting, and layoffs popped up on my news app as it just seemed that everything in our country was starting to collide. At least that’s what the news wanted me to think right? Was this really the best time for me to take the plunge and start a business? There has never been the best time than to listen to your heart and follow your passion to help others.

My heart knew that after 15 years of professionally selling over $50M in revenue as an individual contributor and sales leader for various software, IT, and cybersecurity firms, I had to share my knowledge with other businesses trying to get to the next level.

Not every business has the luxury of a Fortune 100 marketing budget, a team of 20 marketers and VC backed sales comp plan to grow. It’s ok!

You don’t need a large team when you’re trying to scale a company from 50 or fewer employees to 100, 250, 500 employees but you do need to master the 3 R’s when pivoting your sales strategy. Let’s dig into them a bit further:

Reality, Response and Revenue


Customers do business with companies they trust. Your first sale with a customer is usually your smallest so the reality is, if you take care of your customers, provide consistent value, they will take care of you. If you haven’t been keeping up with your clients, not focused on building longterm relationships and treating customers as transactions then I’m afraid you’ll see those results and will need to perform a bit of sales rehab to turn the ship.


Has COVID-19 has shed some light on parts of your business that you didn’t really want to see? Lack of sales process, unfocused brand identity and focus can lead to dismal sales results for any business. You’re not alone if you’re experiencing this.

Has your pipeline dried up since the pandemic hit? If you aren’t one of the fortunate industries to see an increase in sales during the pandemic then it may be a great time to go back and examine your go to market strategy. How are you connecting with buyers to ensure they are seeing you as an industry authority? Using a combination of sales and marketing tools can give you the response plan needed for rehab.


At Relativity Consulting, we partner with our clients in the tech industry to help implement the right growth solutions to overcome their revenue challenges. You’ll find us use a combination of branding workshops, market research analysis, sales coaching, and enablement to help our clients reach new levels of revenue achievement.

At the heart of our business is love for our clients and the love for our country. We believe that innovative, tech startups can weather this storm, successfully cut through the highly competitive marketplace and come back stronger than ever. Get to know us by subscribing to our blog or reach out for a free consultation to discuss your need here.

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