Partnering With Tech Startups To Strategically Focus On

Customer Centered Revenue Growth. 

Maximize Sales Effectiveness.



Authenticity In Sales Is Everything.

Startups that are struggling to grow qualified pipeline, convert leads to opportunities, and generate long-term customers don’t have to continue the frustrating cycle of an ineffective sales approach to revenue growth.

I teach you how to truly understand your customer’s needs and authentically connect with your buyer.  Customer validation vs. assumption is critical to creating long-term relationships resulting in recurring revenue.

Focus Back On Your Customer!

A customer-centric approach places focus on driving value at every customer touchpoint from pre-sales, during the sales process, post-sales, and through to customer support.  Imagine your customers being so delighted by your interactions that they repeatedly buy from you!

Increase The Lifetime Value of Your Customer
Lead With Business Impact & Outcomes
Generate More Referrals                                             
Create Repeatable, Predictable Revenue
Reduce Anxiety When Selling & Create More Connection With Your Buyers

We invite early-stage tech founders and leaders to increase their consultative sales knowledge here.

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Ways We Can Grow Together

Learn how you can work with Amy Looper,

Revenue Growth Strategist  & Founder at Relativity Sells.

6- Week

Founder Revenue Growth Accelerator


Sales Advisory


Sales Enablement


Preparing Founders To Scale

“Amy and her Founder Revenue Accelerator program were fantastic!Our company was needing to develop our go-to-market sales strategy before our product launch and we were able to do just that with the program.The Sales Playbook that Tego Cyber Inc. developed with Amy contains a wealth of knowledge about our company, vision, customers, and gives each of our sales team a realistic view of what can be expected during the sales process. I would highly recommend all founders and CEOs attend the Revenue Accelerator program to better develop and understand the organization’s sales process.”

– Shannon Wilkinson, CEO Tego Cybersecurity

Delivered Beyond Our Expectations

Sincerely, Amy was outstanding to work with and delivered beyond our expectations. She communicated often and effectively. She was very collaborative and brought creative solutions to the project.

Tom Visotsky, MedAllies 


Highly Talented & Dedicated

Amy is a very intelligent, driven, thoughtful, and detail-oriented sales manager who is well-versed in both healthcare, and the consultative sales process. It was a pleasure working for her, as each interaction was a learning experience, and she consistently brought feedback that was both relevant and insightful. Amy has the presence, dedication, and leadership capability to get the most out of her team, and is a highly talented sales rep in her own right. For any organization looking to improve their sales force, you can’t do much better than Amy Looper.

Mike Glazier, Data Bricks

Dedicated Mentor with Extensive Knowledge

Amy is a diligent and enthusiastic manager and colleague. When we worked together, not only did she help me find ways to maximize my success, but also was a dedicated mentor with her extensive knowledge in solution selling and the health information technology industry. She is compassionate, a pleasure to work with, and possesses superb leadership skills. Amy is an excellent addition to any team.

Tawny Hammett, Everlywell

Delivers Effective Solutions

Back in 2012, I worked with Vista Equity Partners in training and strengthening the selling skills of their portfolio companies. I worked with Vitera (now Greenway Health) which is where I met Amy. As a participant, she was quick to engage in discussions, eager to expand her knowledge and skill base and took a leader role in coaching her team on applying what she learned to real life examples. In a short span of time, I could see that Amy has a strong drive for excellence both in her performance and the experience she creates for her clients and her peers. Amy is not one to run with the pack but rather lead the pack as evidenced by her recognition as the #1 salesperson within the Vista Equity portfolio companies, later promoted to manage a sales team within the Western Division.

Following her entrepreneurial spirit, Amy has now mastered what she has learned in her career to start her own successful business. Focused on working with tech start-ups, she not only brings the knowledge base but firsthand experience to build and launch a new business. When Amy is involved, success will never be an option but rather a benchmark to expand upon.

Mary Kay Hauer, Certeza Consulting

Just the Right Knowledge

I found the LinkedIn training by Relativity Sells to be very helpful when navigating the appropriate business development tools for Mr. Nelson’s Cookies. We are transitioning our marketing focus from B2C to B2B and found Amy’s LinkedIn training to give us just the right knowledge of today’s social selling tools.

Francis Nelson Beebe at Mr. Nelson’s Cookies

Great Guidance

I wanted to send a huge thank you to Amy Looper at Relativity Sells.  Amy has given me such great advice and guidance about how to grow and sustain my business.

Courtney Cook Naftz, Founder of Coco’s Imagination Station

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