Partnering With Tech Startups To Strategically Focus On

Customer Centered Revenue Growth.

Maximize Sales Effectiveness.


Authenticity In Sales Is Everything.

Startups that are struggling to grow qualified pipeline, convert leads to opportunities, and generate long-term customers don’t have to continue the frustrating cycle of an ineffective sales approach to revenue growth.

I teach you how to truly understand your customer’s needs and authentically connect with your buyer.  Customer validation vs. assumption is critical to creating long-term relationships resulting in recurring revenue.

Focus Back On Your Customer!

A customer-centric approach places focus on driving value at every customer touchpoint from pre-sales, during the sales process, post-sales, and through to customer support.  Imagine your customers being so delighted by your interactions that they repeatedly buy from you!

Increase The Lifetime Value of Your Customer
Lead With Business Impact & Outcomes
Generate More Referrals                                             
Create Repeatable, Predictable Revenue
Reduce Anxiety When Selling & Create More Connection With Your Buyers

We invite early-stage tech founders and leaders to increase their consultative sales knowledge here.

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